“I got referred by my aunt, a top agent for Marcus & Millichap commercial real estate to Dyson Worth of Worthy Homes and my experience with him was nothing short of spectacular!! We had very little time to move on our home as it had already 4 or 5 offers with the selling party choosing an offer that day. Dyson got to work very quickly, contacted the listing agent and put the breaks on the sellers and assured them it would be a good idea to wait for our offer to come through. We were a bit anxious to say the least, and we did end up getting into a bidding war because the house had the biggest lot, biggest floorplan and best oceanview for the price in all of Orange County. Dyson stayed calm cool and collected like a seasoned pro and went back and forth negotiating every possible angle with the listing agent. He gave us great advice from past experiences and we were able to undercut the highest offer because of our strong position by at least 3%, which was extremely touchy because the owners were trying to squeeze every last dime out of the property and couldn’t risk falling out of escrow again. In the end Worthy Homes & Dyson Worth win again! Thanks Dyson, Good Job!!”

– Brad S, Home Buyer  brad p


“If you were to ask me 4 years ago if I ever thought I’d own a home, let alone an investment property, I would have said ‘no way!’. My friends can tell you that I thought I’d be a renter for life. My experience working with Dyson from Worthy Homes has changed the way I perceive investments and real estate. I’ve found out that the grass IS greener on this side… especially since it’s MY green! My only regrets are not starting sooner.”

– Danny R, Landlord/Investor  Danny R


“Dyson helped my wife and I buy our first home. He worked diligently with us to make strong offers on homes with built-in equity. There is definitely a science to making good offers, though by no means does it guarantee the sellers acceptance. As anyone who’s been through this process before can tell you, sometimes you need to make make many offers before one is accepted, and even then something in the discovery period may force you to walk away. By the time we closed on our house, all the effort was worth it because the biggest purchase of our lives turned out to be a great investment too. There is no price I can put on the satisfaction I feel every day I realize we spent our money wisely, not to mention we love where we live. Thanks Dyson!”

– John W, Home Buyer  john w


“Dyson and Worthy Homes was the best decision I’ve made in my life.  My wife and I were looking forward to becoming homeowners.  With such a tight budget, an FHA loan and home prices on the rise, Dyson stayed positive and worked diligently around the clock to meet our needs. This allowed us to become first time home buyers.  His knowledge in the business-market, along with his friendliness and great customer service, made it so comfortable for us to put our trust and investment into his hands.  Dyson’s professionalism and friendliness is felt by his clients.  I also had the escrow lady and my own personal loan officer tell me how organized, prompt, and professional Dyson was making their job a lot easier.  If you have any idea on how the process works in closing a deal, you know every second and every detail can make the transaction a lot smoother and easier. Today we are not only blessed with our current house but we are also now looking into further investments with Dyson and Worthy Homes.  I recommend anyone who is in the market to buy or sell to give Worthy Homes a call.  I now have made a new friend and call Worthy Homes part of my family. We look forward to working with Dyson in future investments.”

– Casey A, Home Buyer  Casey A


“I can guarantee that Dyson can find the ideal house for you and make the experience a painless one.  Dyson was the realtor that I used to find my current residence in Laguna Niguel.  At first, we were looking for a house in Costa Mesa.  We changed our minds and asked Dyson if he could find us a house in Laguna Niguel.  Dyson switched gears and determined our new housing requirements in a flash.  He listens to what you are telling him and finds those homes that you want to go see.  He previews all the homes first and then invites you to see the houses that fit your requirements.  He really saved you a lot of time.  Low pressure guy who gets the job done. I’m trying to buy a home in Florida and wish I could find someone like Dyson out there.  I have yet to find anyone in the business like Dyson.”

– Dan E, Home Buyer  Dan E


“Dyson helped us get our first home!!! Wasn’t an easy task with such small budget and only 5% down but we found an amazing townhome! His attitude is amazing, he’s very friendly and not to mention super funny. We stressed out about the requirements but he helped us navigate thru everything. Thank you Dyson! We’ll call you as soon as we are ready for a house!”

– Erika Vamos, Home Buyer  Erika Vamos


“Dyson and Worthy Homes did a great job taking me through my first purchase. What I appreciated the most was Dyson’s honest guidance.  Instead of pushing a sale, Dyson would offer his analysis, as if he were going to purchase the property himself. Dyson always put my best interest ahead of his own.”

– Paul L, Landlord, Investor




“We have known Dyson for over eight years.  He helped us buy our first home and it was a great experience.  And he still keeps in touch with us — he lets us know what the loan rates and nearby comps are for our neighborhood.  It doesn’t get much better than that – he is the best!  If and when we are ready to buy another house, we will definitely be repeat customers.  Can’t give him a higher recommendation!”

– Kristin G, Home Buyer 




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