Property Management



For us, property management is asset management.  Our business is to control and maximize cash flow by selecting quality tenants who pay rent on time and care for our properties to reduce overall expenses.  As investors and Landlords ourselves, we know good tenants make you rich, but bad tenants make you poor.  We hear so many nightmare stories from others in our field describing tenants who don’t pay, or always pay late, or completely trash and damage properties.  These landlords often find themselves hiring expensive attorneys and going to court to recover damages.

We make every effort to avoid litigation.  We prevent liability by promoting asset protection.

We do this by maintaining positive working relationships with all our tenants, at all costs!

Unlike many of our competitors, we treat tenants as equals, with the respect they deserve.  Because without them, without their cooperation and willingness to uphold the terms of their tenancy, our rental assets quickly turn into liabilities for our owners.

As our company name signifies, we believe in Worthy Homes – managing properties in a way that creates a worthy home for our tenants.  We believe quality homes attract quality tenants.


Our Property Management Service includes:



Sales and Exchanges (1031)

Property cleaning, maintenance, rehab

Periodic Inspections

Monthly financial reports tracking cash flow

Quarterly market reports tracking BOTH rents and property value to maximize ROI

E & 0 Insurance

Outside legal teams ready to assist with entity formation, LLC / trust, and tenant disputes

Social Networking with other local investors like you





Our management fees range from 5-10% of the monthly projected rent, varying based on the nature of the property and our relationship with the owner.

Fees are only assessed AFTER the property is rented.