Our Mission

Specializing in residential real estate investments at the local level, our mission is to provide investors with comprehensive and convenient service, facilitating everything from acquisition and disposition to property and portfolio management. We believe investing, unlike gambling, involves challenges, not risks. Questions that need answers like: “Do I buy or walk? Do I sell or hold?” Few local real estate companies are multi-dimensional and meet the demands of investors facing a complex and ever changing real estate market. In any market or economy, there are opportunities in real estate due to the mere fact that housing, in one form or another, is a fundamental need in society. There’s always activity, owning or renting, buying or selling.

That inherent duality is matched by our hybrid corporate structure and balanced selection of private equity funds, allowing for different and often contrary investment forms and strategies. Short term, opportunistic ventures such as “flips”, as well and long term “buy and hold” investments provide diversification for those looking for quick payouts from sales and or steady cash flow from long term rentals.

Innovative investment models like crowdfunding make these opportunities now available to average, local investors looking to contribute to the growth and improvement of their own communities. Our team of local specialists utilize modern technologies to ensure timely yet thorough market analysis, thus minimizing risk while maximizing profits for our partners.

Worthy Homes exists based on the needs and wants of our investors. We seek to embody trust and loyalty, because true success is measured not just in one-time profits, but in longevity–our reputation for finding lucrative investments, delivering quality service to our clients, and our ability to preserve and expand that clientele. For we believe true wealth and worth is only obtained by increasing the quality of life for the individuals we serve as well as improving and benefiting the greater community we live and work in.

One worthy home at a time.

Ten things we know to be true:

#1. The best investments are often the least popular.

#2. It’s not about money, it’s about the flow of money. Wealth and riches can be here today, gone tomorrow. It’s about how we manage our wealth.

#3. One investment can change an entire life. For better or for worse.

#4. The meaning of life is what you make of it.

#5. Fast is better than slow. Competition is fierce. Money flows faster towards more money.

#6. The power of a few is often greater than that of the majority.

#7. Focus on the customer, and the rest will follow.

#8. Growth is a life-long process with no end.  

#9. Money alone cannot buy happiness. But it can buy freedom.

#10. The absolute truth is there are no absolute truths. What we know is constantly evolving. We seek order and understanding in a world that is constantly changing: random, chaotic, contrary and confused. We therefore embrace change, for what appears absolutely true today may prove completely false tomorrow. Likewise, what is seemingly false or inconceivable in our time, may become the new truth for the future.