Worth University

We are currently seeking passionate entrepreneurs looking to build wealth, increase worth, and expand their knowledge in real estate.  At Worth University, we offer extensive training and education for motivated individuals regardless of age or experience.  And we will assist you in obtaining proper licensing if necessary.

Please email us your cover letter and resume to

Worth University offers graduates a unique real estate curriculum that is both challenging and comprehensive.  We teach investment strategies, sales techniques, management, and often times college credits can be earned.

Our founder Dyson Worth once said, “True wealth and worth is measured by wisdom.  Life is a learning process.  And death — merely an opportunity for others to pick up where we left off.  So I’m going to invest in education.”  Worth University continues to promote that philosophy.


Why join us? We are creating a revolutionary real estate investment company, lean and defined, based on a corporate system of symbiosis rather than internal competition, providing a new and complete property management service for investors as well as investment opportunities for many young people like yourself. If you are excited about creating your own financial independence by designing new ways for people to invest and manage their assets, as well as build a social and financial network of investor users sharing their portfolios, market knowledge, and results, then we want you.

We believe in sharing information and creating more transparency in real estate, which means providing investor clients with the market data they need to make intelligent decisions to preserve and increase their wealth. Too many property managers fall into merely collecting rents and providing only accounting statements. Too many realtors fail to provide any form of investment breakdown and ROI analysis for their investor clients. We will take our service to the next level, analyzing ROI and providing specific market data to our clients and making frequent recommendations to buy, sell, hold, refinance, or move money to different markets in the hopes of increasing ROI and overall net worth.

Is it worth it? Has your current job provided you with financial independence? Meaning the freedom to do what you want and work went you want to, while all the time your money is working with you? Do you believe in leading over following? That life is a constant process of growth and learning. That wealth may be acquired my luck, but it takes skill to preserve it over time. That there is no actual fear but simply a lack of knowledge or information. That investing is about overcoming challenges, not risks. That while wealth can’t buy happiness, happiness can buy wealth. That happiness and personal satisfaction is only achieved by challenging yourself to strive for greatness by utilizing your skills for advancement of yourself, your quality of life, as well as those around you. That it’s time to educate people about money and investing, to dispel the myths and the fears that seem to dominate the minds of our friends and families.